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“ Welcome to Tapsbugler! Helping provide Taps for Veterans at military funerals is important to us! Please contact us on information about providing a live bugler to sound Taps at the ceremony for your loved one. Just click on Find A Bugler below. Please explore the website and I hope you come away with a little more knowledge about this great American treasure we have in those 24 notes. ”

Celebrate 150 Years of Taps

Bugle Class in Ohio


Larry DuPree is teaching new buglers in Cincinnati to sound Taps as the call as written. The current class consists of Ohio Military Honor Guard members of the Army and Navy, a Marine League Honor Guard member and others interested in providing “Live”¬ĚTaps. The course is 6 months long, meeting once a week for the first month and monthly thereafter.

The course covers the story of Taps, embouchure development, breathing exercises and mental tips to enhance performance. Guest musicians will be invited periodically.

Larry is an Air Force veteran and continues to serve by sounding Taps at military funerals.

Jason Meyer – ANG FH cordinator for Ohio
Michelle White – ANG
Charles Mc Grevy – ANG
Jerry Latham – Marine League FH
Faythe Covert – Our youngest bugler
Kyle Gray – ANG
Larry DuPree-
Chad Curtis – High School Junior

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2 Responses to “Bugle Class in Ohio”

  1. Tapsbugler says:

    Check with Larry DuPree of Bugles Across America. He is in Ohio

  2. James Miracle says:

    Hello, I am a recently retired 1SG. I want to learn to play the bugle to help honor my fellow veterans. Is there a class close to Marion. Ohio? If not I will attend in Cincinnati if need be. Thanks. Please respond via email.

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