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“ Welcome to Tapsbugler! Helping provide Taps for Veterans at military funerals is important to us! Please contact us on information about providing a live bugler to sound Taps at the ceremony for your loved one. Just click on Find A Bugler below. Please explore the website and I hope you come away with a little more knowledge about this great American treasure we have in those 24 notes. ”

Celebrate 150 Years of Taps

Find a Taps Bugler for Funerals or other Ceremonies-Taps Across America!

At Baltimore National Cemetery Oct 2010

Find a Live Bugler
443 801-5274



Taps For Veterans
Taps Bugler

Bugle calls can be an important part of many special events. Whether sounding a call for attention or announcement, sounding To The Color at a patriotic ceremony, or performing Taps at a funeral or memorial service, Taps Bugler can provide this service to you or help you to find a bugler in your area. I have performed at Memorial Day and Veterans Day services in the Baltimore/Washington area, at many funerals and church services and at many Civil War related events. I sound Taps in a military uniform, Civil War uniform or dark suit, to fit the occasion.

In Chanolles France for a Memorial Service Sept 2009

Civil War event Fairfax VA 2002

If you are within 100 miles of Baltimore/Washington DC and you are looking for a bugler to sound Taps at a funeral, EMAIL ME, JARI VILLANUEVA or reach me by phone, (443) 801-5274. If I am not available to talk, leave a message and I will return your call.

There are other organizations that provide buglers for funerals.
If you would like to have your organization linked here please contact us by clicking HERE


There is not one American that has not been touched by its haunting melody  just 24 notes, but it’s clear, sad tones conjuring up memories of loved ones lost or instilling hope and bringing comfort and peace. It’s the song that gives us that lump in our throats and tears in our eyes.

TAPS FOR VETERANS is an web-based organization led by former military musicians and active and retired military veterans who acutely understand the importance of properly sounding Taps, our “National Song of Remembrance” as a way of expressing the nation’s gratitude for a veteran’s service.

TAPS FOR VETERANS is looking for buglers from across the country. Buglers may be former or active military, civilian, student or professional. Ultimately, buglers with a strong desire to serve our nation.

Trumpeters Alliance to Perform Patriotic Services
TAPPS is located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Creating a national registry of trumpeters and buglers to sound Taps at funerals

This service organization gives high school trumpet players an opportunity to use their musical gifts to serve others by sounding Taps and performing at community events honoring veterans. Their volunteers have certification from their school band director in ability to perform a quality Taps and have completed training in their role on the Final Honors team. Volunteers are also available to perform solo and ensemble trumpet performances of the US National Anthem and service songs of the five active duty  military branches. Currently they have volunteers in Oklahoma and Texas and are expanding into other states.
www.TrumpetAndTaps.org  Facebook.com/TrumpetAndTaps

John is a Marine veteran who sounds Taps in New Jersey

NJ Taps is a local network of volunteers that provides a live performance of the taps military bugle call. The service is often performed graveside on short notice, or scheduled in advance for public functions (9-11 Memorial, Veteran’s day, etc)

Bill is a  certified bugler at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and offers high quality, professionally played live taps for your loved one’s funeral service in the Greater St. Louis region

Ray honors veterans with a live rendition of Taps. His mission is to provide a live bugler at deceased veteran’s gravesite. Taps for Vets is in San Antonio Texas. 210-367-7349

Taps For Vets

Promoting Taps bugler volunteerism among the civilian brass playing community, and to encourage music organizations to proactively connect with their communities to pay tribute to America’s Military Heroes

Military buglers in the Houston area

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71 Responses to “Find a Taps Bugler for Funerals or other Ceremonies-Taps Across America!”

  1. Jerry Schwandt says:

    My father, Carl will be interred at Manchester, Iowa sometime in late spring or early summer.

    Are there any buglers available in that area (about 15 miles from the Field Of Dreams movie site) ?

    Thanks to you in advance.

    Jerry Lee Schwandt

  2. Kurt Troutman says:


    I am a college professor and museum researcher. I am interested in locating information pertaining to WW II Bugler and possible original “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” Clarence Zylman.

    I would appreciate any information pertaining to Mr. Clarence Zylman.

    Cheers, Kurt Troutman

  3. Tapsbugler says:

    For which time period?

  4. Shirley Scherer says:

    Overall, which bugle would you recommend. I would like to be as authentic as possible as to the historical type of bugle used. Thank you very much.

  5. Michael Lombardi says:

    Are there any Taps Buglers in Southern California – Ventura area? My Grandfather was a Sailor in WWII and he passed this evening. I am a reserve LCDR with 8 years active and would like for a burger to play Taps at his funeral. Thank you for your service.

  6. I am at all4rob13@yahoo.com, I would like to volunteer to play trumpet where ever I might be needed. I live in Palm Springs, CA Thank you

  7. Mrs. Murray says:

    Looking for a professional to play”Taps” on bugle, or trumpet, for funeral in the Los Angeles area

  8. C Seymour says:

    Are there buglers In the Tucson, Az are?

  9. Tapsbugler says:

    Thanks for your willingness to support our veterans!

  10. Tapsbugler says:

    Yes, that would be appropriate

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