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“ Welcome to Tapsbugler! Helping provide Taps for Veterans at military funerals is important to us! Please contact us on information about providing a live bugler to sound Taps at the ceremony for your loved one. Just click on Find A Bugler below. Please explore the website and I hope you come away with a little more knowledge about this great American treasure we have in those 24 notes. ”

Celebrate 150 Years of Taps

International Bugle Society

International Bugle Society

This will be a place for buglers around the world to connect!883288_1467307373497041_384829666_o

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It’s a great place to share photos and ideas

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10 Responses to “International Bugle Society”

  1. Tapsbugler says:

    Please send us a photo.

  2. jeff sutherland says:

    My great grandfather-in-law was a bugler for the US Army in France during WW1. We still have his bugle on our wall.
    Would appreciate anyone who could fill in details such as the life of a bugler. The type and color of the bugle braid that often accompanied the bugle.

    Thanks for any other pertinent info

  3. Tapsbugler says:

    You should check with Dillions Music in NJ

  4. Orlando c. says:

    Hello ! I was gifted a king k-50 mellophone power bore bugle awhile back and sadly am now considering selling .Don’t know much about it regarding its value and was wondering if you could help me . I took it into a music shop last week and was offered 80 bucks , I felt like I was being low balled because I know nothing about the instruments value . It’s in good condition and can send pictures if it would help . Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you !

  5. Paul R Jones says:

    I am interested in joining.

  6. jeff boyles says:

    I am a bugler,have been for many years.now living in engelwood fla. area code 34223..i am willing to play at all funerals withen a certain mileage range. call if needed 724 889 3186 always remember the fallen…

  7. Tapsbugler says:

    Please send an email to jari@tapsbugler.com

  8. Mark Bransford says:

    I an interested I joining the International Bugle Society.



  9. Joseph V. Capone says:

    I have been playing taps for Boy Scouts and Military Veterans since 1970

  10. Mark Bransford says:

    Interested in joining the society.

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